Pounding Drum Occupational Corp  is was established in 2009 to provide safety and health related services.

These services include safety training, consulting, fire protection assistance, and program development for our aboriginal people and the public. We currently serve businesses areas of service, construction, mining, medical, retail, wholesale, transportation and refining.

Our Mission

PDO is dedicated to the enhancement of employer and employee safety culture through education and training programs. Our goal is to serve and assist business owners, contractors and employees, as well as the general public to advance and improve worker safety knowledge. We strive to reduce worker fatalities and injuries, to further reduce worker’s compensation insurance costs and to enhance productivity.

Pounding Drum Occupational Corp. Commitment

PDO CORP. commitment is to advance and improve both general and construction industries’ safety culture through education and training. We recognize that if improvement in safety performance and awareness is to be achieved, a unified effort involving business owners, contractors and our labor force must be realized.

We are 100% First Nations own and operated