Occupational, Safety and Employment Services

Occupational, Safety and Employment Services

PDO Corp. provides quality occupational and safety services as follows:

  • Respiratory Protection Evaluations (Fit testing)
  • Vision Screening
  • Audiometric Testing
  • Pre-employment Health Assessments
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Substance Abuse Counselling
  • Employment Counselling and Return to Work Programming
  • Safety Advisors Services for short and long term projects
  • Customized Courses (WHMIS 2015, Flagger, TDG, Workplace Violence Assessment Education)

Pre-Employment And Pre Access

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is a very useful tool in establishing a safe work environment. By testing people after you have made an offer of employment but before the person begins working, you can reduce the risk of hiring individuals who may pose a heightened safety risk to themselves and others in safety-sensitive work environments.


Random drug and alcohol programs can help employers to reduce the frequency of incidents, promote a culture of safety in the workplace, and facilitate treatment for workers who may be suffering from substance abuse. Random selections must be generated by a computer program using an algorithm to ensure each pull is kept completely random, reliable, and accurate.

Post-Accident And Incident

Must be performed following an accident causing loss of life/lives, or a citation was issued, fatality taken to the hospital, or where vehicles involved in the accident require towing. Alcohol tests must be performed within 8 hours and drug tests must be performed within 32 hours if not immediately possible.